Happy Noise Emojis App Reviews

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Great Potential but....

I’m using Iphone X. This app was exactly what I was looking for. Great potential but needs improvement. I wish the quality of this app’s images was sharper and for an option to get larger images also.


They get pasted/inserted as images with space around them. They cannot be used as part of regular flowing text. The images are cool but it's disappointing when things are advertised incorrectly. You need to rename these as STICKERS! Note the space around this image:

Full Access to Keyboard

Unfortunately I can't allow full access to a Third Party Application. Please consider revising the access needed for usage.

Best emojis ever

Omg obsessed with this emoji app! They have the most magical mystical emojis you could ever ask for! Every one needs these emojis in there life especially crystal troll emojis! 💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😘💖💖💖💖💖

So perfect:)

I have been using these emojis since I found out they existed a week or so ago. I was always searching and hoping for symbols such as these to come out in my emoji box and have been overly using the unicorn 🦄 because it seemed to be the only one that could apply hahah. So now it's so much fun to have a plethora of options and I enjoy picking from many to convey a means of expression and stay connected. They are powerful. So excited! Who would have thought a burning palo Santa and Sage emoji! In love. They are also so beautifully designed and a little larger than usual emoji which I also love. It's feels special to use them. Thanks!

Unfortunately unusable currently

It won't allow you to open the keyboard without enabling "full access", which records what you type, including credit card info, etc if you end up in that position. The app states at the point of decision "ps: we don't store what you type", but when you read the app's privacy policy, they state they do, and use credit card information as an example? No go. Don't waste your money.

Super fan!!!

I consider myself a spiritual guru and this app is so perf for me. Namaste.

An emoji app for the soul!

For the crystal lovers and the mystical beings of the world this emoji app is for us!!! Speaks to the soul

Awesome App

I use the kale, avocado, and juice emojis everyday! These emojis are the perfect representation of a healthy, holistic, and spiritual lifestyle.


Being a crystal guru, so these emojis are beyond perfect for me. Love sending celestite, angel aura, and black tourmaline. Look forward to seeing more crystals being added.

Awesome !

Yo homie, love the new constant updates! I am down with all of these. Definitely recommend!


“ Huge fan of these emojis. I am not super spiritual, but I am constantly using them because they have so many different ones! I love their flower crown, wine, glitter coffee, disco ball, gem-filled car! There are emojis for everyone here.


These emojis allow you to balance all of your chakras digitally, who doesn’t love that? Love these emojis/stickers, there are so many different ones that I am always finding new ones to use!


Emojis that make texting more positive! Happy I found this. Use the good vibes and hug all of the time.


So many fun colorful magical emojis to choose from! I love it!

Finally !!!!

Been waiting for an app like this!! Happy to send good vibes to all of my friends❤


It broke my messaging app. The keyboard stopped appearing when I need to to type. Got fixed when I removed this apps keyboard. Useless. Waste of money.

Best emoji I have ever seen

So happy we have something cool now I'm so over emojis, kimojis, omg and Bitmoji I die if I ever see another wanna be cartoon character of a friend vomit. Happy noise has changed my life I could write every message with one included in it... thank u so much for making America better again. I love u so hard happy noise inventors. Xoxo

Not great quailty

First off there's no ig compatibility. So it a strictly iMessage app. And the images are extremely poor quality. So blurry. Not originally art either all just clip art. Save your dollar and just go google some images of crystals and add them to an album in your phone and send way higher quality "stickers"


It is such beautiful artwork and I love the entire holiday collection

Love, love!!

I love this app!! The emojis are perfect and so pretty. Now I have something to share with my friends in an even more meaningful way ❤️


I love the vibes and magical emojis. Artwork is excellent and unique

Doesn't work

Hi, I am super bummed I can't use the emoticons. I have an iPhone 7. Please update!!

Love this!

I love this app!! Such a fun way to send positive vibes to friends. Such cute emoji's! Very creative.

Doesn't work :(

I was soooo excited about this but the copy and paste isn't working. Maybe it's not compatible with the new iOS. I wish the images were a little bigger to be more clear. Please update. I want to love this!!

Doesn't work

Can't review this because I can't get it to work, maybe it's not compatible with the new iOS update? Copy and paste isn't working. Upsetting

Not satisfied

I've tried to love this purchase, but I kind of hate it. I thought the items/pictures would have been the size of emojis and fit in like regular text; not the case. The copy and paste isn't convenient at all. Wish I could get a refund. Bummed bc I had high hopes!!

Did not like it- image is not clear...

Did not like it and was so excited... Sends a big picture ibtead of the emoji on your text straight.... Not fun... Image is not clear as well... Bummed. Cannot even use one here in this review...


This app doesn't work with Instagram!


I love the delicate yet beautiful colors but I would like it if it were easier to add more than one without having to paste and if there were a guide to the crystals with a word or so it would be helpful but overall lovely app🌴👍

Why didn't I think of that!?

I can't believe this hasn't been done sooner, such a cool app. My friends all keep asking me where I'm getting these emoji's. Best emoji app around and nice to share some positive vibes with people in a time with so much negativity :) Namaste in bed.

Love love love!

This emoji keyboard is so fun and whimsical, it's perfect! The graphics are so cute and love the positive vibes being spread. Happy indeed!


Not that many images...

Perfect ! Love it!

Absolutely adore this new app. It's creative and fun. Spreading joy magic and happiness !


This app is such an incredible way to send good digital vibes to my friends and family!! The colorful emojis bring instant serenity and happiness to anyone; I absolutely love it.


Love these -- obsessed and so are all my friends. Thanks for putting out some positive vibes. Namaste!


Very very cool new wave of emojis! These ones are for the lovers. Cool gems, funny faces. I've been using them a lot and keep finding new ones I haven't seen before haha they're awesome! Definitely worth checking out!!

Happy Noise Fan Girl

I've been using my Happy Noise emojis all week - I love them, my friends love them. I've graduated to stickers!!!

Love it!

Love love love these emojis!


These are great! I love being able to send some positivity through a text!

The world needed more magic in the text!

May I just say how amazing this emojis are! I love it they add colorful happy feelings to the texts. This is such an amazing creative idea! I love the quality of the colors and the messages in each emoji. Congrats so amazing I'm obsessed!


Happy Noise is one of the few apps I'm psyched about and can't wait to see the newer iterations and spread the love!!!


This app is so great. I Love having these special emojis


Wow,finally emojis I can relate to! Crystals, crystal balls, mermaids! I can't wait for the updates!


These emojis are super dope!

love it!!

Its super!! Vibrant and positive!


I just love love love this app! I'm so glad that there's now emoji's out there that are spreading love and happiness. I can't stop sending them to my friends, thanks Happy Noise!

Creative & Innovative

What beautiful artwork turned emoji!! Very excited to share these fun, festive & meaningful emojis with family and friends. Great app, definitely recommended!


Beautiful colors and great variety of images and messages! Definitely brightens my day when I see this keyboard pop up!

The sunshine of emoji world

Best app ever!! Perfect timing with all the craziness going on in the world. Happiness , love, good vibes, and peace. #spreadhappynoise

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